About TGSN

The Terrible Gamers (TGSN) were formed on the 20th of July 2004 on the official Xbox forums.
The reason for our creation was simple, we were not enjoying playing on Xbox Live for one reason or another, the other players were abusive, rude, overly serious or were just not fun to game with.

So we started TGSN, based on the principles of having great games, fun times and laid back tournaments amongst ourselves and with other like minded clans. Our members come from all different backgrounds and we have a wide range of ages, we just really enjoy Xbox live games and hope we can keep the good ethics of TGSN and build for the future.

We have an open mind when it comes to the rules, we have basic ethics of courtesy and expect everyone to treat ALL other xbox Live gamers in the way they expect to be treated themselves. We don't tolerate any form of racism, sexism, bullying or any other discrimination, we simply just want to enjoy our games and not have to deal with unruly people who ruin it for others.

We understand the need for clans like TGSN, we understand the need for great games on Xbox Live, so we have a policy of continual improvement here. We openly invite members to offer improvements, we deal with complaints in a professional manner and we will keep the clan alive no matter what, as long as the members demand it.

We intend to run competitions, prizes and meet as often as possible for drinks, games and general good times.

Our main goal is to get the best out of each other, the clan and Xbox Live and to be simply the best community we can be!!

Methodman78 & The Team

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